Fudge Day is June 16th

Fudge Day is observed on June 16th every year since 2004.

Fudge Day celebrates the most decadent treat. It is a day to eat fudge and enjoy your favorite flavor. When was the last time you have some fudge?

I remember growing up, the only time we got fudge was at a special event or outing, like the fair or on vacation. Many small towns have a fudge shop that is filled with all the yummy flavors. Having those special occasions that included a trip to the fudge shop always brings happy memories. And who doesn’t have happy memories from eating fudge? My mother was also a baker and on the rare occasion she would make fudge, it was a delightful experience and one that brought the whole family together.

Today, on June 16th, let’s celebrate Fudge Day. A day to throw out the diets and have some of your favorite flavors of fudge!